Serenellini Teddy

Serenellini has become the predominant accordian manufacturer in Italy today. They designed this 60 base, light weight (13 lbs) accordion for the most discriminating accordionists. If you are looking for a compact accordion this one is it. The Teddy has 2/4 reeds, middle/middle with a nice light musette, a keyboard from low B to high C, three switches right hand. The left had basses have all the basses and chords you would need. The only thing missing is the diminish row. This 60 Bass Teddy is ideal for most any occasion. I should mention in the new design that along with the finest reeds, the keyboard, body, grill and even the base buttons are made of wood. This makes for an incredibly light, easy to play and perfect accordion.

Serenellini Teddy
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Price $3,395.00