Planet Gold Series 120 Bass

Here it is, the highest level of accordion with MIDI and condenser pick-up system on the market today.  When compared to the Hohner Gola, this classic instrument is equal to if not better-- because of it's reed response, weight, balance, keyboard action, craftsmanship, and specialty woods.  This new Planet 120 Bass has 4/5 sets of special handmade reeds, a keyboard that surpasses all others, a light weight of 25 lbs and is dry tuned at 440.   This new accordion has a simply midi system and a condenser pick-up system. 

This instrument will handle all demands, whether you're playing in front of three judges, at the nearest enternment center, or performing in front of the camera for all the world to see--this accordion has it all.

Planet Gold Series 120 Bass
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  • Condition: New
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Price $12,495.00