Excelsior 120 Bass

Looking for an outstanding accordion at a better price here it is.  Don't worry, although built in the early 50's, the accordion reeds have been rewaxed and perfectedly tuned.  This was the precursor to the Excelior Symphony accordion. 4/5 of the finest Italian reeds (LMMH) dry tuned for that full accordion sound, 4 on/off rocker panel switches right with palm and 3 switches left and a full size keyboard of 19 1/4. The biggest advantage with this accordion is not only the quality of the reeds and a lighter weight of 22 pounds, and is preferred by many professionals because of the this.  It is not only a incredible instrument but fun to play because of the superb keyboard action, smooth sound and ease of play

Excelsior 120 bass accordion
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  • Condition: New
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Price $2,895.00